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Other Services Rendered

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Website Design

Take your business to the next level by getting a beautiful website for your business.

Mobile Apps Development

Get your business apps installed on everyone's smart phones, tablets ipads, etc.

Business Process Automation

We can assist you in automating your business processes. Save money and time.

Channel Branding

Get unrivalled (DSTV standard) channel branding for your TV programs.

Graphics Designs

We can help you create stunning visuals for your products and company.

Motion Designs

Let us help create breathe taking Animations, Montages & Motion designs.

About SmsGlobe

SmsGlobe is a subsidiary of a registered organization known as Go-More Miles Enterprise. GO-MORE MILES ENTERPRISE is an innovative Nigerian technology company, established by professionals with over 15 years of combined experience in Web Design, Software Development, Mobile App Development, Motion Graphics, Sales and Marketing. We are in-depth in our approach to work. We have a team of great minds with amazing talent eager to deliver top notch services.

Our vision is to continually be a fresh and innovative company, delivering high tech information technology solutions to clients in Nigeria, Africa and Globally.

We are known for our integrity and reliability. Our utmost priority is to ensure that all our clients get the best experience ever. Our customer care agents are always available to attend to every issues you might encounter while making use of our system. We are assuring you of our effectiveness, efficiency and reliability. You can create a free account and start enjoying our unbeatable messaging system.


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